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N3277 Hedgepig

Started by National 12 Webmaster, 28 Mar 2007, 03:55

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National 12 Webmaster

The life of N3277 Hedgepig. Design: Hedgepig, designed by: Derek Davies in 1988


If I'm not mistaken - she lives at Haversham SC and is sporting a smart new paint job. Lots of string.Not sure where the dsign comes from but is very wide!


Hedgpig is indeed alive and well at Haversham SC.

I have owned her for about 2 yrs now. She was originally baught to to strip for spares, mainly mast,  sails, rudder and centreboard to get my vintage 12 back on the water, but when I whent to collect her she was in way to good a condition for that fate. So after a long slow repaint and varnish she is back on the water (although due to lack of crew, never used)

I believe she is a oneoff design but I have no history. I bought her from her last owner who sailed her at Northampton up to about the mid/late 90's then changed class and she sat unused for about 6/7 yrs

Neil Roscoe
1539   Sonnet
3277   Hedgepig


Hedgepig background.....

Designed for Tim Jones as a river boat without excessive compromise on open water.
I sketched a number of shapes until I came up with the final one.
It was designed to carry a moderate amount of weight and to have a little more rocker aft than was the trend at the time - Baggy 2 being the boat of reference then.
As a river boat tacking was important so the idea was to keep the waterline as smooth and narrow as possible with a fine straight entry like Pipedream but fuller however there was a definite attempt to put displacement into the topsides around 8ft. The objective was to give as much rocker as possible when the sheerline was on the water, hence reducing turning drag and speeding up tacking.
The final shape was passed by Rob Peebles who suggested a little more width to the garboard planks in the last two sections and that is what was finally built.

She was built by Tim and David, Martin Gunn and Peter Shore in Hucknall.
I do not think there is anything much wrong with the shape but I wanted a pure open water boat at the time and built Redshift 3270, effectively a Baggy 2 in 3 planks.
Very fast on flat water when windy but too light a dsiplacement - very VERY slow when it was light.

Alex Stothert

Hedgepig is alive and well! I bought her from Haversham late 2007, but have been travelling so havent sailed her at all really yet.
She is in the garage at my parents in the north west, will be sailed out of Blackpool and Fleetwood and possibly South Windermere and the clubs around here. Need to sort the rig out however. If anyone can point me in the direction for some helpful info about rig numbers and tuning guides that would be great.
Looks like a great fun boat and class to sail, and looking forward to getting into it over the next period.
Thanks and maybe see some of you on the water at some point!

Sam White

Now the new owner of Hedgepig as of yesterday, left home at 3:30am to get to Blackburn to collect and back to Hertfordshire, rigged and ready to race at 7pm!
Very light winds inland but pleasant singlehanded with nice balance.
Time to test her against soggy moggy N2778 when it's windy enough for a crew!

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