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Started by Dave Croft, 24 Apr 2007, 11:46

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Dave Croft

Sorry folks, not exaclty N12's but ... My daugter Caroline(13) -  very experienced Cadet sailor and sometime N12 helm needs a crew for the Cadet open at Portland on 5th/6th May. All accomodation and everything is already sorted, two days racing in a 100plus fleet in Portland harbour. Do any of you have any children or know of any who would be interested in a spot of crewing? If so please give me a call - 07963475988 or e-mail me. Cheers, Dave


Well I've tried to convince Joe, but he's having none of it, sorry!
Mind you he's never played with one of those coloured flappy things they use downwind so he'd be on a bit of a learning curve :-)



Dave - we have a big fleet at SCSC not sure who is going to that event but I'll get you the contcat details for the squadron leader and see if you can get anyone that way.


Dave Croft

Thanks very much, its great to have such a response. We know SCSC well, Caroline came 3rd last year at the Open. I have sent a round robin via the Cadet class but you can never be sure it will reach everyone. Shame we couldn't get to the 12 meeting but life revolves around Cadets for the moment, at least we have two keen sailors and have avoided the Pony club!!! cheers Dave

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