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2008 Nationals/Burton Week

Started by rick perkins, 29 May 2007, 10:35

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Emma G

whats the venue for 2008?  Do we know yet :)

N3402 & N3304


I was wondering about the location and dates too - I know these things need to be planned well in advance but wondering if the format of the 'week' will change.  There's a history bit we should keep - the Burton race can still be a one day long race - but what about 2 other days of racing with 3 -4 races per day?  This means the Burton week could be squeezed into one longer 3/4 day weekend.

If more boats are to attend is this a prefered format that would attract more?  Maybe even split the fleet up into Gold and Silver fleets like some others do?

Have the commitee already planned the '08 or is it still open for change?




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