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You don't like the fat rudder??  I'm certainly not convinced that it makes the boat any quicker, but it seems amazingly stall-proof!   As long as there's still a bit of blade in the water steering stays really positive,  makes the boat feel pretty safe in breezy weather.   I might revise my opinion after my first nosedive, though!   ;)
Wow, all these categories are quite confusing for a newb, especially where they seem to overlap!  So 3344 isn't an Admiral's Cup boat, but mine (3405, single bottom Final Chapter) is, but they've both got enough chines, so are they 4-plankers?  Or is that just wooden boats? 
Dave Cooper 
Boats / Re: N3078 Imperial Wizard
18 Feb 2017, 05:39
Up for sale on ebay, and looking very neat and well cared for.
From a standpoint of total absolute ignorance, just looking at the pic in your original post there looks to be a truckload of mast prebend.  More mast bend than luff curve is  what I think causes your hounds-to-clew crease, so would pulling the ram on to straighten the mast up a bit fix the problem?  (Couldn't work your 'more pics' link.  There may be more to be gleaned)
Dave Cooper   
Boats / Re: N2403 China Doll
19 Dec 2016, 11:05
At NWN Week,2015 (Overy Staithe SC)
Boats / Re: N3405 Denouement
19 Dec 2016, 10:35
I'm delighted to say that the beautiful N3405 'Denouement' is now resident in King's Lynn, and mystifying the new owner.   The attached pic shows me and Mouse baffling round the final Winter Series event at Ouse Amateur SC.   Club reaction is that we 'look ok on the straights but a bit shaky cornering', and that is true.   Future plans include NW Norfolk week, by which time we may have a better handle on how to drive.  We'll just have to hope it isn't windy  ;) .
Dave Cooper
Boats / Re: N767 Gemini
17 Oct 2016, 10:12
They weren't risking excessive halyard tension, were they? ;)
Boats / Re: N1792 Bali-Ha'i
27 Aug 2016, 10:55
Bali-Ha'i  is a mk8, sailed by Peter Beck at Overy Staithe SC in the 1960s.  Peter sold the boat to Mark Zuckerman (think I've got the name right!) at the same club
Do you still have the sail?  It sounds like it could be a step up from my Alvarbanks!


Boats / Re: N2306 Sticky Fingers
08 Mar 2016, 10:44
QuoteI would love to see her a afloat racing again

Yup, it'll be a chance for you to admire the new transom.

Boats / Re: N2306 Sticky Fingers
08 Mar 2016, 04:55
Well, Sticky Fingers has spent a bit too long full of rain water, and now it's got a soggy bottom.  Looks like the hog and keel are pretty much goners aft of the cb bolt, there's some rot in the bottom of the centerboard case and the transom is history.
Should keep me out of trouble for a bit!
Bit of a shame after all Martin and Sam's hard work.  On the plus side, the planking seems pretty good (although I'm braced for possible shocks), the decks, thwart, gunwhales are ok with a bit of cosmetic attention and Martin's paint job is practically pristine!
For sure I'll be posting on here before long asking for help and advice  - for now I'm hacking out rotten wood to discover whether I'll be grafting in 2/3rds of a hog or just going the whole hog with it  :) .

Dave Cooper
A report and some pics from the Jenny Lee trophy at Overy Staithe SC at

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