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I was wondering if anybody could help shed some light on the space-frame arrangement on 3219 - a baggy trouser.

I don't understand the function (or name!) of the highlighted tensioner cables. They attach at the mast step, and terminate at the space frame, next to the shrouds. Are they simply to add tension to the rig? If so - could anyone give me any advice as to how they are actually tensioned? The 'cigar' shaped thingy has a hole in it, whilst two threaded bolts attach to either side. Thanks
Quick question - does anyone have any experience using a boat towing/delivery service? I'm looking at moving a 12 but can't get access to a trailer/car with a towbar so any recommendations welcome. Ta.
Hi everyone,
I've been thinking over the possiblities of single-handing a National 12. My happiest sailing days were in an old Cheshire Cat with my brother, and I have been looking for a single-handed experience similar to 12's for a long time.
I tried, unsuccesfully, a low-rider moth - which ultimately proved too challenging. I have also read with interest about Keith Callaghan's Hadron, which looks like his vision of a single-handed Merlin. Whilst I like the general look of the resulting design, what I'd really like is a similar treatment of a '12.
I'm sure I've read on this forum before about a member who considered moving his mast foreward and ditching his jib before abandoning the idea. Not having access to any boats myself at the moment, does anyone have experience of similar? I used to do the occasional drifting race single-handed with a normal rig but in any kind of wind I'd rather just think about one sail.
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