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Update: For any visitors free parking has been arranged near to the club
Who's coming to the open meeting at Twickenham on October 12th? As well as our unique combination of tide and current on the maintained level we can now boast refurbished changing rooms, a new kitchen and a stunning balcony cantilevered out over the Thames. First race starts at 11:00. Visitors' launching will be from the White Swan Hard and we have some parking permits- please post on this thread if you would like to use one. Thanks, Owen
Three of us from Twickenham went down to Merstham for dinghy instructor pre-assessment yesterday. Ice in bottom of boat and sheets throughout. A kettle of warm water was used to free the control lines sufficient to hoist the main. To be honest though I wasn't too bad thanks to multiple sets of warm clothing. I think our commodore got us a cheap deal- it seems there is less demand on sailing centres' time when it is snowing. The others went on to do powerboat training today poor souls.
I'll be there with N3414- Sabre Tooth- formerly Piuma Al Vento
Boats / Re: N3252 Silent Running
01 Mar 2013, 04:23
Nigel, I was the skipper at the time but she has since been sold on to Ben Brown in East Anglia where I understand her sister boat Bianca is still in existence- see above!
Boats / Re: N3252 Silent Running
08 Oct 2012, 08:49
Silent Running took a beating at Hayling Island this year with the mast foot breaking off and the mast going through the floor. She was nearly scrapped but Ben Brown has taken her back to the Blackwater and hopefully she will sail again.
I shall be coming with N3252- See you tomorrow.
I shall be camping at Redshoot, although our crew and his wife have made more luxurious arrangements- Owen N3252
Hi all, this may be a bit optimistic but does anyone have any accommodation or camping space available at a reasonable rate or to share for Burton Week? I and a friend are very keen to come but are looking to keep costs down.
Boats / Re: N3252 Silent Running
22 Feb 2010, 08:51
Thanks for the info Mike- and for your refurb of her. I bought her from Simon- I understand that his daughter had sailed her. Silent Running is my first 12, so I don't have much to compare her to but she seems pretty nippy.
Boats / Re: N3252 Silent Running
16 Feb 2010, 10:52
I bought her from a sailor at Huntingdon Sailing Club where I understand she had been sailed for several years. Winter maintenance confirmed that she is in generally good condition and should have ensured she is waterproofed for the new season. Twickenham YC saw a bit too much of her underside last year but I hope they will see more of her stern in the future and also have ambitions to take her down to some sea/ estuary meetings later in the season.
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