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Good call on the soft slung trolley, but only works if you have a combi trailer and trolley.
If a road base only with supports then you could also add some cushioning to the supports and strap down gently as possible...
A problem I've always had with towing lighter boats, they don't like hunkering down to the road surface and prefer to bounce around to the detriment of the owner's heart rate!
I suggest fixing some weight to the trailer near as possible to the axles to try and relieve the bouncing, and letting the tyres down as far as you dare to create some give.
Most trailer bases have suspension that is far too hard for our little boats, and I've not managed to find any modern trailer axles with a low enough load limit to allow movement when needed.
Others may have found a better solution but this is how I've managed to lower the bouncy behaviour in the past.

Good luck!
Looks a sexy little design there.
I only have older n12's, one from 1975 and one from 1988 but happy to send you the spreader and shroud measurements next time I get down to the club
Boats / Re: N3277 Hedgepig
14 Jul 2022, 07:28
Now the new owner of Hedgepig as of yesterday, left home at 3:30am to get to Blackburn to collect and back to Hertfordshire, rigged and ready to race at 7pm!
Very light winds inland but pleasant singlehanded with nice balance.
Time to test her against soggy moggy N2778 when it's windy enough for a crew!
Thanks George, ordered and waiting for my measurements!
Hi All,

Anyone got a good contact for overboom covers? Or even better a second hand cover for sale?

My advice is to get it mounted where the navigator can see it in as many positions in the boat as possible, without it being in the way. Foredeck is popular for obvious reasons. You've got an older boat there so you are likely to have a bit more space around the boat/less string, aim for somewhere in good sight that keeps your head out of the boat, no good navigating head down in the cockpit.
Good luck!
Boats / Re: N2778 Soggy Moggy Too
06 Jun 2022, 11:52
Finally back on the water (sail number yet to be changed on the main), and there is still a quick inland boat in there once tuned up and the helm has had some more practice!
Definitely felt the reaching and pointing ability, so overall I'm delighted with my first sail in a National 12, and even more so this one after the hard work myself and various owners have put in since the early 2000's.
Keep your eyes out for us on the circuit!
Boats / Re: N2778 Soggy Moggy Too
31 May 2022, 11:33
Hello all, I'm now the owner of this famous old boat, collected from Jon Whitehead in April and ready for what is likely the first sail this century later this week.
I'll get some photos posted of the mast up etc and on the water after the weekend but I'll be very happy to see the old girl back on the water.
Soft timber and bad glue all taken care of with penetrating epoxy, gaps filleted etc and I suspect even lighter and stiffer than when first measured.
I'll let you know how I get on and I'm sure I'll come of the water with bags of questions!
Hope to see you all at some regional events once I'm up to speed and have my crew all trained up!
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