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Boats / Re: N2695 Pooh Sticks
11 May 2023, 04:56
Well PoohSticks has lay dormient in our boat park for a few years now, the water has got to her bow and lifted the ply and the to the transom and caused some rot, the owner Stephen Hadley has decided to sell so I have bought her rather than see her broken up, I'm sailing Magic Dragon N3285 regularly so hopefully I can find time to repair PoohSticks and get her back on the water.
Hi Chopper

I know of an N12 that needs a little work, Whisper 7 design clinker built, hull is good comes with launch trolly, sails, mast boom etc... needs some work on the transom. contact me and i can send you photos and more details if you are still looking.
Boats / Re: N3285 Magic Dragon
18 May 2022, 01:13
I'm now the proud owner of N3285 Magic Dragon, she now resides at Aldridge Sailing club after bought her from Paul Keeling at Blithfield Sailing Club. After a little bit of tidying up she will be back on the water.
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