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Pictures of the preparation work in restoration.  I think we have already decided this is a work of love and demonstration of what we can do, not a money making venture given the time it is taking.  We want it back to original condition with a WOW factor.
The hull has been repaired by gluing and dowling, sanded back to wood on the outside and had a first coat of 8 intended coats of varnish that will be polished.  All the fittings have been stripped.  It really is apparent that it is a mast the same size as a Wayfarer attached to a floating tea tray. Two of us picked it up easily.  We are already speculating on how it will perform against a modern boat and I have suggested a trapeze (my sense of humour).  We would like to return it to its original form but getting contemporary fittings means replacing the broken ones like the one shown and, more difficult, identifying those that are missing before we can source them.
Just been given Crester.  It needs restoration.
My friend and I have just taken ownership of Crester 1289, built 1955 by J Swinbourne of South Shields.  It has now arrived in Bristol.  Assuming we are able to get it back on the water and are able to sail it (Along with losing considerable weight and a hip replacement), we would be very interested in attending a vintage event.  In the event of us getting it back on the water, we would be interested in any guidance regarding its value for insurance purposes.
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