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I'm looking for a crew for Salcombe regatta 1st - 6th August. If anyone is going to be around and fancies racing then let me know.

I have 3494 'Monkey Business' and Salcombe is my local club but unfortunately I'm struggling to find anyone locally who is available.

Thanks John.
07811 977 642
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21 Mar 2021, 07:06
Hi Antony

Thanks for your comments. Great news, I have actually managed to get myself a boat now, Foolish 3494 "Monkey Business". The previous owner came forward after seeing my post. He lives in Cornwall so not too far for me to go in the end. I believe that at some point in it's life it was actually one of my fellow Salcombe Yacht Club members boats before he sold it to the chap that I have purchased it off. It has already got the winged rudder so it is pretty much good to go!
Just need to get my head around using the thing now!

Kind regards,

General National 12 chat / Re: Newbie.
15 Mar 2021, 05:21
Thanks John, I remember sailing with you at Chew Valley all those years ago!

Fingers crossed some one will come forward fairly soon who wants to sell their boat.


General National 12 chat / Newbie.
14 Mar 2021, 06:14
Hi Everyone, my name is John and I sail at Salcombe. I used to sail 12's around 20years ago and I'm looking to get back into the fleet.

I currently sail an RS200 with my 11 year old son but think a 12 would be a better boat for Salcombe. The asymmetric spinnaker isn't great in Salcombe due to the lack of space and wind direction. It ends up being more hassle than it's worth.
I'm looking for a boat that is fairly new with all the top spec bits. If anyone knows or has something suitable please get in touch.

Finding a newish second hand 12 seems impossible.

Also if anyone wants an RS200 then I'm happy to sell or swap/part ex for a 12.

Also any advise for us would be great and most welcome.

Hopefully see you out on the water soon.

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