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Can anyone suggest a starting mast rake measurement for a Crusader design please
I am currently re furbishing N3223 China Crisis and in its current layout has a dangly pole. It did not have this originally and I am thinking of taking it off and just having a jib stick and b/haulers as original. Obvious advantage a lot less windage any thoughts/comments
Is it better when making up a cascade kicker too have a larger diameter block on the boom. Or is it okay to use same size blocks
I would like to upgrade the kicker system on China Crisis N3223 which I am currently giving a total overhaul(see CVRDA facebook). I have two Selden/proctor wire blocks and Harken block is there a guide re wire lengths?
I want to strip all the varnish off the decks but am worried about going through the veneer. Any advice on methods/products would be greatly appreciated.
Decided to strip varnish and redo over winter.Took boat apart yesterday ready to move to workshop in doing so removed centreboard, however on turning boat on side discovered a lot of cracking in the paintwork following the lines of the planking. This is my first 12 and first planked boat do I need to be concerned or is this normal ? Maybe paint not flexible enough.
Hello, my name is Stephen Scriven have only sailed in a twelve once before with Dares dad I think at Parkstone some 45/50yrs ago .Wanted something to sail now back in UK boat Rowsell built and in good order.Would like advice as has levers and muscle boxes on shrouds?
I would also like to bring back boat woodwork but seek advice on removing varnish
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