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I have worked in the surf industry for 30 years and we're going through this very process world wide moving to bio resins and foam/constructions methods based on organic/biodegradable substances, mostly coming from algae and mushrooms. Not sure the issue is with a small class like the N12 though, it's more with toxic mass production of RS/Laser/Topper style boats coming out in huge volume (I'm not against these boats, just the production techniques)

The bigger environmental issue is Neoprene though, surfing is moving towards Yulex completely plant based material, and now as good/better than neoprene. The sailing industry (except Gul) are light years behind, Neoprene is firstly a big co2 producer but also the production is massively damaging to human health, check out - - the largest cancer cluster in the world is due to the factory which has made three quarters of our wetsuits and other Neoprene products, yet we are as an industry ignoring it. So I think this is an area we could make much more impact in the short term. 
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