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I'm fixing up an old "Baggy" (3201) with a GRP hull and wooden decks which also has rotten shroud holes. Here are some pictures of the progress so far.

1st Shot: - Here is a shot of the boat as purchased, it had been left outside uncovered for several years so the decks were in poor condition
2nd Shot: - Close up of the shroud holes on the port side showing where the plywood was falling to pieces, the block underneath was also rotten, this was all cut out
3rd Shot: - In the centre of the picture a new oak block has been epoxied in prior to new deck patches being added
Boats / Re: N3201 Unexploded Bomb
12 Apr 2023, 07:07
Here is photo of 3201 when I picked her up in Devon in September. She was purchased for £1 on ebay and is currently undergoing restoration, more pictures to follow
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