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Cover Wanted for Crusader

Started by NeilupNorth, 02 May 2020, 11:14

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Hi all,

I've now completed the pandemic restoration project which is Crusader N3307. It's looking great and ready to go when we're finally let out. But the cover which came with it is a trailing cover with no holes for the mast or shrouds.

Does anyone have an old cover resting at the back of the garage which they would be prepared to sell? £50 waiting (or whatever other price you think would be suitable).




I must have an old one that came with our Design 8 that should fit ok.   I am guessing you are not far enough north for us, we are north of Dundee.  I will take a look at send you a photo so we can decide if it is worth the cost of posting it to you.   From memory it will keep the UV off the varnish but not the water out....



Hi Antony,

That sounds promising. Funnily enough I used to live in Tayside and sailed at Royal Tay YC for many years, but that was a while ago now. I'm down in Northumberland these days. I'll PM you my contact details through the messaging system on this forum now.



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