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This is probably a bad idea....

Started by DrJohn, 10 Feb 2020, 02:16

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Back in my teenage years, I owned one of the early Starfishes (Starminx,  2018). I haven't sailed a 12 in 50 years, and doing so now would probably be a very bad idea (too old, creaky and fat). However, my trainspotterish fascination with 12s, and old clinker 12s, never seems to have gone away. There have been a couple of Starfishes up for sale recently and I dithered about whether  to buy one (mainly with a view to preserving a historical boat and maybe occasionally sailing it when conditions weren't too challenging) and eventually let my better judgment win. But the hankering is still there.... if anybody hears of one in reasonable nick, I'd like to hear about it. No promises, I might still be sensible....

John Brooke (also 1466, Proctor VI, and crewed Gipsy one Burton week in the 60s)

paul turner

Greetings Dr John. There is a Starfish currently resting at Trent Valley which I know is surplus to requirements/the owner wishes to dispose of. I've not been down to check it recently but suspect that it will need a little TLC. With everyone being grounded this could keep you occupied until we are back on the water? I have a spare road/launching trailer which I used for (the) Starfish N2020 which I am looking to sell (trailer not boat!!); perhaps we have a package here? Please email me at or ring my mobile 07710 324 800. Paul


Hi  try Starbuck as advertised on this website.  All done up just needs the fittings putting back on and located near Ilkley Yorkshire his mobile is 07411 359800    Pete Robinson (Its a modified Starfish and a bargain for someone)


Sorry, haven't checked in for a while, for various reasons,  CV19 lockdown being one. Since posting, I've been suffering with a bad back which an MRI scan reveals to be caused by a buggered lumbar spine,  so now waiting for a hospital referral to see what can be done to sort it out, so I guess I should also put my aspirations in this direction on ice for now. (Plus I have an unsailed Beneteau 21.7 sitting on a pontoon that I can't get anywhere near until lockdown ends). However, once I get over these little issues, I will definitely follow up these suggestions. Many thanks.

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