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Pevensey ... or Littlehampton??

Started by MikeDay, 18 Jun 2005, 10:08

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One or two people today at Spinnaker had heard that the Pevensey meeting in July may be switched to Littlehampton.  Is this confirmed?

Mike D

Mikey C

So, we need 35 boats there basically just to really throw them a curve. Maybe they might give us a reasonable refund on the entry fee for a large number of boats...

Sounds like a challenge to me - I'm in if theres another 34 boats too!


Mike C
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Fran (Guest)


Somewhere along the lines I may have been responsible for some Chinese Whispers so a confession there of sorts.

On the subject of this year - I think that 5 races, on the weekend shown on the fixture list, should be embraced.  We have been let down a little by the 14's as I believe we're not expecting too many of them, so PBSC have upped the entry a little, but I think we usually pay about 25 therre anyway.....

I'm there with Mike C, and following conversations that I have had with the likes of Mike and Anne and Will and Arthur they will, I think, add a further 2, so we only need 31 more and we're laughing.

To be honest any more than 20 boats is always great racing.....

Love fran
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David Wilkins
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david greening (Guest)


I'm with the consensus emerging above.  We don't have many sea meetings and it's hard for a club to justify putting one on for us if they don't have any 12s themselves.  I'd prefer it to be a 12 only or shared with one other class, but I'd rather be there with their club racing than not at all.  So, we should try to get as many boats as possible and give Kevin and others more bargaining power for next year.  Anne and I will be there with Flipside.

Mike D

Bob Murrell (Guest)

The Twelve open at Chipstead has always had to share with other classes due to pressure on the club race program. The area of water is a lot smaller at Chipstead!
A shared start is better than no start. Don't lets go the way of F1 last weekend! What a shambles.

matt (Guest)

yes - 30 quid doesn't sound like the too much given the committee boat, rescue cover, unusually splendid sailing area etc. I'll certainly do my upmost to be there.

Graham Iles

Last time I checked a large proportion  of our open meetings, whether on the sea or inland involved comittee boat starts. So I don't see why this should be used as an excuse for excessive entry fees. Sea Sailing does require extra safety cover so I agree such events should be more expensive.

I've always thought that entry fees tend to reflect the quality of the shoreside facilities as much as the sailing. Whether or not this is true, or the way it should be is slightly academic. I often leave Pevensey feeling its poor value for money.

Since money is tight for me I'll be taking it elsewhere as Yachting offers more sailing for my very few pennies.

P.S. Will you be allowed to use the winches this year?

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