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Pevensey ... or Littlehampton??

Started by MikeDay, 18 Jun 2005, 10:08

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Probably time for some observations on some of the comments made so far:

First, the suggested entry of only 6 boats has come from the club. I don't know where they got that idea from but I believe we had about 20 boats attend last year and I have consistently reminded the various club reps I have been dealing with of this. If you count up the people in the earlier postings who have said they will attend and add in the two who have confirmed the same to me privately the total is about 10 so far. That means we are nearly covering the cost of the weekend based on Martin's figures but not allowing anything for prizes, profit, etc.

Next, Gill series status. About 13 months ago when we started planning for this year (yes, we do start that early!) it was suggested Pevensey should be given Gill series status. However, once I eventually got hold of the correct contact details, the club made it clear it would not entertain an open meeting for less that 35 boats and was really looking for 40. It was the opinion of the class that we are unlikely to reach 35 boats even with Gill series status. With the Larks having dropped it from their calendar we had to look for another class to partner with. Unfortunately, as explained above, one was not forthcoming until the last minute and certainly the Gill series was fully scheduled by then.

I hope that helps clear up a few misconceptions. Please continue posting comments, especially if it is to confirm you intend to go to Pevensey.


Tim  L (Guest)

I should be there but I need a crew!!


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