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Gul series #2 at Trent Valley SC

20th May 2018

It was a glorious sunny light wind day, perfect for some river sailing on the Trent. Five 12s enjoyed the pitching their wits against the wind and each other. The class chairman, Gerald Copsey, turned up just as the briefing finished but amazingly managed to rig and get to the start line exactly as the gun went, making the best start of the whole fleet. Team Camm borrowed Paul Turner’s Perfect Kiss for the day and were just behind Gerald and Tania. Graham crewed by son Felix managed to sneak ahead at the first windward mark. Graham & Felix pulled away on the run up the river but John & Catherine Sears caught right up again as the fleet entered the infamous doldrums. On the long beat back from the top mark the fleet spread out a bit and the Camms used their light weight advantage to build up a lead and win the race, soon followed up by team Copsey and team Sears.

Trent Valley

The course was shortened for race 2 and now included the Goddard chicane positioned in front of the club house. With two extra buoys added the fleet were kept busy with mark roundings. The start was very tight will all boats very close to the line. Team Camm swapped crews and Anya was now in the front of Perfect Kiss. The Camms built a small lead by the first windward mark. Jonathan in Bicycle Clips was on course side at the start as he was still heading to the line. His delayed start didn’t hurt though as by mid race he had made it through to second place. After several passes through the doldrums the fleet separated a little as the wind went round in circles picking off boats occasionally. Team Sears steadily worked their way past Bicycle Clips to take second with the Camms taking first place.


After a fantastic lunch, provided by Lorna Orton, the fleet headed out for the final race. The race officer, James Dalby, used the same course again for the final race. Paul Turner had the best start and was on the line with speed despite having only just launched 30 seconds earlier. The fleet arrived at the first mark tightly placed. The wind died as the fleet rounded the mark with all the boats within inches of each other. The Camms (this time Zoe in the front) were the first boat to find wind. Team Sears found wind next and caught right up with the Camms when they got stuck in the doldrums. The Camms were first out of the doldrums and held the lead to the finish. And at the back of the fleet there was a tremendous battle between Jonathan & Debbie in N3162 and (the) China Doll with Paul (recovering from his heart attack last autumn) and his new trainee crew Karen actually managing to beat someone – at last!

The day was rounded off with the traditional TVSC tea and cakes.


Thanks to Gul for their sponsorship of the event and to the team at TVSC – Race Officer (and TVSC Laser Ace) James Dalby for making such a fine job of his first Open Meeting, James Clark on rescue (had nothing to do!), Speedy Pete Browne on flags, and Lorna Orton for the magnificent catering. It was good to see Ken Goddard, and Kevan & Janet in attendance– the photos are at:

Photos on Flickr courtesy of Kevan Bloor

Overall results

1st        Graham, Felix, Anya Camm and Zoe Ballantnye N3157 Perfect Kiss (Burghfield)

2nd        John & Catherine Sears N2957 Punkawallah (Notts County)

3rd        Gerald & Tania Copsey N3411 (Ely)

4th        Jonathan Twite & Debbie Reid N3162 Bicycle Clips (Sutton)

5th        First vintage - Paul Turner & Karen Huddlestone N2403 China Doll (Trent Valley)