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National 12 events 2005

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Date Venue
2nd Yorkshire Ouse S.C.
2nd Grafham Water S.C.
8th Queen Mary S.C.
9th Ranelagh S.C.
29th Northampton S.C.
6th Tynemouth S.C, Newburn-on-Tyne
5th & 6th Rutland S.C.
26th Royal Harwich Y.C.
27th Royal Harwich Y.C.
5th & 6th Alexandra Palace & Starcross Steamer
19th & 20th Burghfield S.C.
26th – 28th Waldringfield S.C.
2nd & 3rd Bristol Corinthian Y.C.
9th & 10th Aldeburgh Y.C.
9th Blithfield S.C
16th Avon S.C.
17th Ely S.C.
17th Annandale S.C.
23rd & 24th Notts County S.C.
30th – 2nd Salcombe Y.C.
7th Nottingham S.C.
8th Trent Valley S.C.
14th & 15th Derwent Reservoir S.C.
21st & 22nd Scaling DamS.C.
22nd Desborough S.C.
28th – 30th Royal Harwich Y.C.
4th & 5th Yorkshire Ouse S.C.
4th & 5th Thorpe Bay Y.C.
11th & 12th Weston S.C.
18th & 19th Tynemouth S.C.
18th Spinnaker S.C.
19th Ranelagh S.C.
25th & 26th Northampton S.C.
25th & 26th Northampton S.C.
2nd Earlswood Lakes S.C.
16th & 17th Filey S.C.
23rd & 24th Pevensey Bay S.C.
30th – 7th Bassenthwaite S.C.
30th – 6th North West Norfolk Week
6th – 12th Burton Wk, S Caernarvonshire
8th – 12th Salcombe Y.C.
14th – 19th Salcombe Y.C.
20th – 21st Solway Y.C.
22nd – 26th Royal Harwich Y.C.
28th & 29th Royal Harwich Y.C.
3rd Derwent Reservoir S.C.
3rd & 4th Waldringfield S.C.
10th & 11th Starcross Y.C.
18th Grimwith S.C.
18th Henley S.C.
25th Redesmere S.C.
25th Twickenham Y.C.
1st Ripon S.C.
2nd Yeadon S.C.
8th Grafham Water S.C.
15th Oulton Mere
22nd & 23rd Salcombe Y.C.
5th & 6th Middle Nene S.C.**CANCELLED**
13th Tynemouth S.C.
19th Trent Valley S.C. (Midland Area Dinner)
3rd Yorkshire Ouse S.C.
26th Royal Harwich Y.C.
8th Jan ‘06 Yorkshire Ouse S.C.

Open meeting at Burghfield SC


After a fantastic day's coaching in brilliant sunshine the day before, ten National 12s took to the water at Burghfield SC for the open meeting on 20 March 2005.

The first race started in overcast conditions with a port-biased line. Graham Camm & Zoë Ballantyne in Babel Fish and David Wilkins & Helen Hunt in Cooked to Perfection both had a fast pin end start, while Richard Williams and Stella Brown decided to give the rest of the fleet a head start by launching from the wrong side of the clubhouse and missing the start. After much battling up the beats, Babel Fish took first place with Antony & Jo Gifford in a close second place and Caroline Martin and Andy Douglas in third.

In the second race, Antony & Jo had a brilliant pin end start and were unstoppable all the way to the finish. Having actually made it to the start on time, Richard & Stella held second place most of the race but were overtaken on the last lap by Graham & Zoë.

In the third race, the sun came out and shone on a fierce fight for first place at the windward mark. Graham & Zoë eventually just slipped round it ahead of Caroline & Andy and took advantage of the clean air to pull out a good lead. Antony & Jo swapped places with Caroline & Andy several times but Antony eventually squeezed through the finish line just ahead of Caroline.

In the Admiral's Cup fleet, Brian & Jackie Whitmey successfully defended last year's title from Mike & Alex Storey (aged 7).


1. Graham Camm & Zoë Ballantyne, Burghfield SC
2. Antony & Jo Gifford, Royal Harwich YC
3. Caroline Martin & Andy Douglas, Burghfield SC




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