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youth series next year.

Started by sam293, 17 Nov 2008, 11:45

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im proposting starting a u25's series for next year, its quite late now to organsie a separate series but if i get enough interest i will look into it.
but first of all i need to get interest in the series to see if i can get enough people to bother consulting the comittie about this.
i was thinking 5 events 3 to count.
piggy backed onto the circuit opens already planned, most likley to be salcombe, burghfield, first weekend of north norfolk week, burton week, and the inlands. but will re consider this once iv seen the open meeting list for next year,
i was also thinking to encourage more youth to these to arrange a little bit of extra social  most likley to be a quick trip to local pubs etc then back to the organised social.
hopefully separate prizes etc will be able to be arranged.
if anyone has any ideas please let me know, also if your interested please post below, ready made teams, helms withouth crews or boats, crews without helms and so on
sam childs

Jane Wade

Hi Sam
Good luck with sorting this out - sounds like a great idea.  Unfortunately I recently had a birthday and I am now too old for the series.

Chris Troth

Hi Sam. There are 3 complete youth boats at Olton. All would be interested in travelling to events. Our 12 open meeting is in september - we'd be able to run youth races at the same time if thats a help.


        I wouldn't go anywhere near burton week or the gill series, these already have youth (under 21) prizes. But i would also change the age to under 21 to be in line with the gill series and burton week. But other than that it seams like a good idea!!
Jimmy Whitehead


the reason for under 25 being to try and get the ex uni students outta fireflys and larks etc into the 12's,
chris 3 boats is a great start, and running one of the youth opens at omsc sounds a very good idea cheers

Chris Troth

I'd like to clarify - i didnt make it clear in earlier post. Was just an idea to hold a youth open at the same time as main olton open. It would be ok to hold an event at omsc on nearly any saturday (providing it doesnt clash with another 12 event of course)


I am in huge favour! a properly organised youth fleet i the key to keeping a healthy fleet in the future.
We bough a 12 at the end of the season and are both under 25! but having saild that I personally think that 21 would be a better youth age limit. I really hope you get thi sorted for next year, I'm sure i don't just speak for myelf by saying that there will be loads of peaple willing to help out in any way possible. Good Work!

Dave Croft

What a great idea. From the desciption it sounds like you are East Coast. There is a good Cadet and Youth section at Waldringfield a club which has associations with 12's going way back. You should consider approaching them, I'm sure most of the young sailors there won't know what a 12 is! It would probably need some kind folk to loan a few boats but the class could benefit in the long term if even one or two were tempted into 12's
Regards, Dave

James A

If you want more uni students don't choose events in may or june (e.g Burton weekend) and approach the nearest uni's to venues with boats to borrow and cheap entry. Of course the bigger the lash the better as well!

Chris Troth

Ye. Burton weekend is one to avoid. I don't know about anyone else, but its slap bang in the middle of my uni exams.


yeah i didnt think before i wrote burton week in there,
yes james dont worry there will of course be a good lash up, at least half the point of the youth series,i will be chooseing venues both on quality of sailing, if they will have us and of course number of pubs/clubs in crawling distance.

i am looking for loveley people to lend some boats so that we can get non 12 sailors out in them. speially the events that are seperate from the n12 opens.

greg and james are either of you interested in this series if i make sure there are no events clashing with exams or team racing events, if you could provide me with dates of these that would be great.

paul turner

Great idea! The more younger sailors in N12 the better, but can we clarify a couple of points?
1. Foxisailor - are you suggesting running youth open at Olton Mere with existing Midlands Area Open on Saturday 12th September 2009? We are running a double header meeting the following day at TVSC to accomodate three vintage series races alongside three races for 4ps, ACcs and DBs - both sets of results will count for the Midlands Area Armada Series trophy. More than happy to include the youth open as part of the MAAT, but suggest that you contact Jennie Clark ASAP as she is putting the 2009 calendar together NOW!
2. Please make sure that you let everyone know the exact age cut-off! Becoz of a misunderstanding I was chucked out of the junior champs (far too many) years ago coz my birthday was (and still is!) 1st January and the rules intended midnight 31st December as the deadline but didnt quite say so! :'(
Paul - Midlands Area Rep

Moon Shallow

The idea of a youth series is really good, and i have noted my interest in a previous board! How ever i think one comment above should not be part of the whole scheme of things... pubs and clubs. This is partly because i am not old enough to go??). But only foxisailor from Olton Mere is 18. I think the idea of a youth series is to be inclusive of everybody in the age limit. Drinking shud perhaps be arranged sepparately and the emphasis be on the sailing.
I think the races wud be best run independantly of other 12 events. So we can have a good battle between us, and not also be disheartened whn we get lapped by the "main fleet"! This might also mean that more people will beable to come along as they are not at another event, and might be able to borrow a boat.
I think a series of 5 events, with best 3 to count. One could most possibly be at the mere on a day other than the normal 12 open date, having spoken to Foxisailor. Also it might be nice if there was some training run by the side, so have help to make us go fasterrrrr!!!
These dates would obviously have to ne sorted out soon. as we need to where and when we are going!!
Thanks Moon Shallow


speaking as a person who works for a youth organisation and is passionate about sailing its good to see the youth itself in the class stepping up to the plate, so to speak, and sort things out themselves. Incidentally I am in the same boat as GregPitt, not making 25 till the end of next year i would love to participate but as a youth series under 21 sounds more appropriate (??), and good point on the drinking thing moonshallow, however I'm sure if it is in a sailing club environment which is commonly shared by those of legal age and those who aren't it would be pretty cool anyway. Good luck with it all  and hope to see some of you sailing next year (does anyone know when the opens calander is being released by the way? prospective crews are attacking me for info already :S)
ex 2760/3255

Roly Mo

The calendar is nearing completion but the last few dates are still awaited.  We would hope to be in a position to put it on the web by mid December at the latest but please don't hold us to that!

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