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Started by chopper, 04 Apr 2009, 05:50

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Long shot does anyone know of a daggerboard bouncer that might be up for sale or infact any daggerboard boat.
cheers paul


I know that there were 12 or 13 boats given daggerborad dispensations on their certificates - check with Kevan.
From shaley memory they included:-
Bouncer itself which Joe has modified to take out the dagger board amongst other changes
3003 Respectable St - see John Murrell
3004 Los Angeles - (Shelcocks from Ulley initially)
2999 was a daggerboard Pipedream
2954 was Richard Watson's daggerboard windfall - Landslide
3011 Tiger Lil was John Royce's and subsequently went to Nigel Maddocks
One of John Royce's Soggy Moggy Cheshire cats had a daggerboard but it was taken out when it was sold (to Lionel Wilkinson?)
3012 Punkerella
can't remember any others but as above, the Hon Records officer is the place to find those with the all important note on the certificate.
John Murrell might be persuaded to part with 3003 (which is a little above current weight but does now feature a double floor).
Good platform to play with if you want to try foils!

David (Guest)

Surely Bouncer should be on the list, although recently converted.
Which boat was Aces high and did that have a daggerboard?

John Murrell (Guest)

Give me a call , the numbers in the handbook.

Chris Troth

Landslide is 2959 and is in our boat park. I don't think it has a daggerboard.


2959 (my misatake with the number) had a daggerboard for many years - may have been converted...
Aces High 3054 (Ace Freeman and subsequently Andy Shorrocks never did).
There were only  ever 3, Bouncer, 3003 and 3004.


Still looking for s project with or without daggerboard must be free or cheap , restored several 12s getting withdrawal symptoms lol


Landslide N2959 was for sail earlier on in the year. I was offered her. I would have thought she still has a dagger board. Brilliant boat initially owned by Dave Peacock. Could be sailed anywhere despite what the class thought, Rivers, Gravel Pits, Norfolk, Salcombe with great success. Matt French I beleive may still own her.

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