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N12 sailors on tour.
« on: September 27, 2009, 10:34:12 PM »
Today, Olton mere went on a road trip to shustoke (my other club) and took a load of lasers up to their open meeting. out of 6 mere boats, 5 were sailed by N12 sailors, and the other by a very game N12 taxi driver (thanks paul.) 2 crews (naomi and maria) and 3 helms (chris Troth, Tom White and me, Kevin.) the crews both suffered gear failure but came mid fleet in the youth section. Chris was heard crying "this doesnt feel like a moth" as he battles round the course in drifting conditions. Me and tom took the first 2 places, above most of the top flight of the midland laser circuit. Both of us now proud owners of swanky expensive padded laser foil bags.... with no laser foils to put in them!!
I just cannot believe its taken a hop to lasers to get my revenge on tom after he trounced me at trent valley.
on another note.... another 12 has arrived at Olton, Rob yearsley has taken ownership of a tigress, and on past history is about to make le shed look like a shed again, although the end result is a piece of history might well be coming up for grabs.  does anyone out there want to take ownership of one of the origional soap dishes?


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