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October 2009 - Guess who?

Started by John Meadowcroft, 27 Sep 2009, 11:01

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John Meadowcroft

This month's picture is from another DIY enthusiast. 
Any idea who it is and what they may have been doing?  
Captions please 


I think the legs are David Beckhams
and he is saying
" Victoria, can you please get this boat of my back its fallen over"


It's the sailing equivalent of Cluedo - the world's best planned murder
"It was the wife who did it, in the garage with the National 12"


But David I might break a nail
I'd rather be sailing.  

Gavin Willis

Its what is left of the 2nd year vet student who found there really are teath at the other end.


Hmm I look really cool with my socks matching my Baggy and my trousers matching this one, wonder if she will spot me under here?

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