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Battle of the Classes Pursuit Race 17 Jan 2010

Started by Tim Gatti, 17 Nov 2009, 05:39

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Tim Gatti

Battle of the Classes Pursuit Race ... our invitation came through today

This invitational race is part of the London Boat Show.  We are invited to send along two boats.  Meads did it last year (the only 12), and Antony Gifford, Frances Gifford, and Graham Camm have done it in the past.  There probably is a little bit of kudos in winning it (Antony and Fran did a couple of years ago) but this is tempered by people complaining about the handicap!  It would be good if we could get a couple of leading boats to do it.  Any volunteers?

If you would like to represent the Class please express interest via this post or give Meads or myself a call. Thanks. Tim

"Please find enclosed the Notice of Race, entry form and PR concerning the annual Battle of the Classes Pursuit Race, to be held on Sunday 17th January on the Royal Victoria Dock at Excel.  

British Sailing, the organisers of the event and sponsors, very much hope that you will support the event again and send along two crews to represent your class in this prestigious event. Please check with your Class Association Secretary as to who your nominated crews will be before you send off the entry form the the Secretary at the RBYC. 
We are limited to around 50 boats on the water so please get your entry in asap to confirm your place.

Best regards 
John Heyes "


welll im available to crew for anyone if that helps?

Tim Gatti

Here are the document attachments sent with the invitation - had to remove large graphics before they could be attached. Tim

paul turner

What about sending a ribbed or vintage yot with a new DB? Px :K)


depends how competative we want to be, i dont think weve been outside the top 3 for a few years

paul turner

And old boats arent competitive on handicap? Px :-/

Moon Shallow

Why not compromise and say an AC (not necessarily vintage) and a DB? there are fast AC boats out-there so why shouldnt the class show some of the "older" boats?


not meaning to exclude anyone, but the point of racing at this kind of event is to win! thats the best way of show casing the class.

have we had any offers of people to sail yet tim?

martin 1262

I think Pauls point is does a Vintage boat have to sail off 1092 handicap, could it be adjusted to reflect the age of the craft (and helm?)


the organising comittee adjust the 12 handicap slightly along with a few others, but as far as i can work out, we cant use aggregated py's

Tim Gatti

UPDATE: Not one entry received for this prestigious event from any section of the 12 fleet - could this mean all the other classes are going to get away unchallenged despite our apparently favourable handicap!?  What message does present to the dinghy fraternity about the Class? I'm sure they are longing to get to grips with one of our 'good news stories' - the Paradigm2 and the DCB.  Is no one prepared to throw down the gauntlet?  Tim

Antony (Guest)

My opinion, FWIW, is that this is a good publicity opportunity for the class and it would be a shame if two people could not be 'persuaded' to show up and represent the 12s.  I have done it a few (2 at least) times and although not a great venue it is usually mildly entertaining sailing.  If i had a DB boat I might even offer again but i don't and will not be borrowing one for this!
You can certainly ask the organisers about a vintage handicap if there is enthusiasm to show off two ends of the spectrum.. they are pretty approachable and informal.

Tim Gatti

Antony I think the idea of getting a vintage boat out there is a great idea - but preferably in the company of a fleet leading DB - but no one's come forward yet. If anyone out there is thinking about it do call me soon (07790 615800). Tim

Tim Gatti

Unless anyone has made a covert entry, it looks like there there will no National 12 fleet representation at the event this year. Tim

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