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Tuning a 12

Started by Tim Gatti, 04 Mar 2010, 12:57

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Tim Gatti

With the family re-united for Christmas and space in the front room required for the traditional Christmas tree,
my workshop has been rocking to a new vibe. 
Will my Tigress currently in for some repair and restoration get in the drum and bass groove?
Will I get my crew back if he makes it big? It's all to play for in 2010. Tim

Tim Gatti

And a close up of the gear every top 12 tuner should have!

John Hugo

All that Kingspan should keep you warm in this sub-zero weather, but it might affect your boat handling and aerodynamics.


Earmuffs... How rock and roll...


I think I see where you are going wrong Tim, I think this kind of tuning is band;D
I think a string quartet would produce better results but may not help with your crewing problems.
All smoke and Mirrors. N2153, 2969, 3411

Tim Gatti

Thanks for the tip Angus.
Given all the string now required in a 12 maybe a small chamber orchestra would be more appropriate?


The Tigress should add to their acoustics nicely, the rummer will be deaf in no time. 

I'm impressed with your collection of clamps Tim, that trumps mine  - better make a screw fix order to avoid being out done! :)

Tim Gatti

Yes - and the bow tank would make a great resonator box for a skiffle style, one-string base. 
'Skiffle' - now that's showing my age. Washboards and thimbles.
Come back Lonnie Donegan - all is forgiven! 

Slippery Jim (Guest)

Hi Tim!
Nice to think you're treating my old Tigress with a sonic tune. Still a lot of work to do on Nutty though. Treat her well!!!!
Cheers to all and shame noone's doing the Battle of the Classes this year!!!!
59er GBR103 Slippery-when-Wet on the Ammersee, Germany. Ex 3130 and 3470

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