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Give something back?

Started by Tim Gatti, 22 Mar 2010, 05:40

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Tim Gatti

Here's an Early Warning and an opportunity for all - at the AGM on 1st June at WPNSA - the last morning of the Burton event, we will be appointing the Committee to run the NTOA until the following AGM in 2011.  There will be three general committee vacancies to fill due to members reaching the end of their allotted time. 
I'd be very pleased to hear from members who'd like a chance to give something back to the Class and help support the running the Association's activities.  For example, we are likely to be looking for someone to organise the 2011 Dinghy Show stand in what will be our 75th Anniversary year - so something special will be required.  You can either express interest with a database post or drop me an email if you'd prefer, or give me a call if you need to talk it over.  Meetings are usually held once a quarter - leaving you 361 days on which to do other things! 
I look forward to hearing from you. 
Best wishes
Tim (current NTOA Chairman ...until current Vice Chair -Howard Chadwick, takes over in June.)

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