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New Open 10th April

Started by paul turner, 20 Feb 2010, 03:45

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paul turner

We have been offered the possibility of having an additional Open Meeting for the MAAT at North Staffs SC (Eric Haselden's home club N3344) on Saturday 10th April 2010 ;D
I have emailed a number of the "usual suspects" but would be grateful all interested could email or text me (or reply here) asap please.
Paul (MidRep, TVSC) :K) 07710 324 800

Magic Dragon

Hi Paul
We should have 3 boats from North Staffs. Martin has my old 12, Magic Dragon 3285 and Mike Raine and Jane Hill may also join us in Equity 3306 as well as Julie and myself in Ella 3344.

Chris Troth

Im sure the Oltoners would be keen to come along!

jonsue N3469

We will be up for it.
jonsue now 3514

paul turner

Any more takers? We are hovering around this being a viable new event - but I could do with 2 or three more "yes" votes please to finally confirm!
Urgent please email me or post here!
Paul :K)

paul turner

Got two more "probables" namely Stuart Hopson N3111 and Andy McKees N35xx (both if their boats are ready) but I really need one or two "YES" replies PLEASE!!!!!!! P :K)

tom white

I would love to do this event but unfortunatly from the 8th - 18th of April i will be in poole doing my instructors course.
maybe next year :)

hope it goes well
Tom White 2765

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