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Started by Chris Day (Guest), 17 Feb 2010, 09:05

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Chris Day (Guest)

Help please!

We're still desperate for helpers at the Dinghy Show on the 6th and 7th of March. It's always a great event to come along to and we only need a bit of your time on the stand (half an hour would be great) leaving you plenty of time to explore the show. Please let me know if you can make it along by posting below or emailing and give a rough idea of when you'll be around.

We're particularly short of people on Sunday and also need a few people around on Friday night to set up the stand and on Sunday afternoon to take it down.

Really hope to hear from you soon!

Chris and Sophie


We will be there on Saturday at some point and will help out if possible. It's just a bit difficult for us to commit to a specific time because it all depends on Felix's feeding/sleeping times.


Fran G (Guest)

I will be there on Sunday afternoon and can do a stint on the stand and then help pack up if that is useful.
Unfortunately this year I can't help on Sunday night at Ranelagh if that is the plan to get it back there but I can probably assist later in the week getting it up into the rafters if any of that is a problem.....
I will almost certainly have my car there, so if stuff needs to go into it to get back to Putney there may be some options....
Let me know....

John Hugo

Since I'mcoming from Scotland, I will be at the show both days and available to fill gaps in the manning of the stand on Sat. or Sun.   I can also help with dismantling.

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