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Need a crew for the Burton??

Started by Tim Gatti, 10 Mar 2010, 11:43

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Tim Gatti

Sara Lloyd is our contact at Castle Cove SC and she will try and provide local crews for any helms needing one for the Burton.

Please email her on "Lloyd, Sara" <> or call her on 01305 787222 to let her know if you are in need and take it from there.

Her Club gets going in early April so she will put a post on the Notice Boards and on their website to see who is interested and could be available.

If there are any offers from existing 12 crews?? .... please add a response to this post.



<div id="m0">I am available to crew at Burton Week 2010. I am 15 years old and have experience crewing in 12s including at Thorpe Bay and Northampton in 2009.

Kai Loudon


I'm looking for a crew for my new Dead Cat Bounce 12.  Kai, would you be interested?  I will contact Sara Lioyd and see if she has any volunteers.

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