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May Caption competition

Started by John Meadowcroft, 18 May 2010, 11:38

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John Meadowcroft

This is John Hugo rescuing his boat from the Annandale SC dinghy park when the floods hit Scotland / Lak District last December.  Captions please.

Gavin Willis

You know i think it would have been easier if we had paid the toll for the bridge!


I thought Double Bottoms were meant to alleviate the problems of swamping and waterlogging...:X


Why's the water not the same colour as the boat ?  :o
Duncan,  & still missing the (liquid) bar on the 10 tonner 


T-Foil... Trolley... It's an easy mistake to make...:)


Now I know why they called it a Feeling Foolish!
Andy Mck<br />3529

gavin (Guest)

I've rescued the boat! Can you hold it for me while I go back for the wife?

Graham Iles

Maybe those sail things aren't such a bad idea.


In training for the Burton Brick?????????


Now where's the slipway ??
Duncan,  &amp; still missing the (liquid) bar on the 10 tonner 

Tim Gatti

1. Annandale SC pilot the new amphibious National 12.

2. A novel approach to personal handicapping at one of our Scottish Clubs.


'John went to extreme lengths to hide the t-foil on his centreboard'


"Is this the right way to Weymouth?" or
"Starboard, or should that be Water?"
All smoke and Mirrors. N2153, 2969, 3411


just wondered if the boat would foil on the trolley !!!

Alex D

The measurement team, undaunted,  were concerned with the proposed weight equalisation rules.
Alex <br />(ex N3455, N3246)

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