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3344 (Ella)

Started by 3344, 22 Oct 2010, 09:39

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Hi guys, Ive recently bought 3344 Ella and want to find out some history.
Does anyone know if she's had any good results in the past? Also I'd love to know who put in the double floor and when?
Ive got an old newspaper cutting from Yachts and Yachting showing her before the conversion looking very different with a single bottom, no fordeck and a spaceframe. Also she apparently started life with the mast set way back and an assymetric sail for downwind. I would love to know how well this worked and why and when she was changed?
Any info much appreciated
P.s. Very happy with her so far! :)

Jane Wade

I have incredibly fond memories of Ella (Grunge).  I sailed her with Nigel Waller (the original builder) for two years in 1994 and 1995.  We competed Whitstable Burton Week in 1994 finished 3rd in one race and fourth overall, also winning the Canter Trophy.  
This was pre-double floor but post mast in strange position so relatively conventional at the time.


Antony (Guest)

Ella is definitely a boat with a personality.  She was (to my knowledge) the only boat built to test the rules around how many sails a 12 could use in a single race... think about it.
With the big jib she certainly had moments of impressive speed upwind, never turned into a race result from what i can remember.
I remember realising at Pevensey in 1993 that Nigel Waller really did have some special talent.  During the week, as i recall, he decided to remodel the boat to put a conventional rig in the conventional place.  Being Nigel this only took him a day, to move the mast and shrouds and several of the fittings..... if it were me i would still be looking at the boat wondering where to start.
I suspect that Rob Cannell put the floor in, I might be wrong.


I am pretty sure that the double floor was fitted by Paul Griffiths  before Rob owned her.
The main issue with the large jib configuration was that with a mainsail of only 2.3 ish Sq Mtrs that there was no way to depower the rig as the wind increased hence she was pretty quick upwind in light /medium conditions.
Nigel nver referred to his Asymmetric as a "spinnaker" (which is banned by the rules) he called it his downwind jib!!
The rules where altered to only allow one jib and one mainsail to be used in any Race.
Don't forget to re-register the boat -You can now do this easily online
Happy sailing
Kevan Bloor
Hon Certification Sec.

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