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75th Anniversary - Ribbed 12's

Started by Tim Gatti, 29 Oct 2010, 01:22

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Tim Gatti

As part of the 75th Anniversary celebrations at Northampton next year we are looking to get as many ribbed 12's on the water as we can.
At the moment it looks like N1 may be available (and N2 if her restoration can be finished in time).  I plan to bring N341 plus 3 others (N493, N711 and N1083) if crews can be found to sail in them.
John Chalker (Bobtail) and Jonathan Reubin (Cygnet) are other possibles and Brian Herring hopes to have his Uffa King completed by next May.
I wonder if N153 'Witch' will also be making an appearance?

Would all owners of these older designs please indicate whether or not they will be able to attend.
Also - if you would like the chance to sail a 'ribby' but haven't got one of your own please indicate below.
All other Vintage designs will, of course, be most welcome.
Best wishes
Tim Gatti
N12 Vintage Secn.

Roly Mo

I think we are going to bring Xan, but if a helm/crew is needed for Laughter you know where we are!


We should be there with Bobtail. Hopefully the bucket will not be an essential piece of equipment after some planned winter repairs....


Hi Tim, I would be up for a sail of a ribby at the 75th. Let me know.
aka Simon Hopkins<br />3252 Silent Running<br />Ex 3230, 3413, 3470, 3236

Tim Gatti

Thanks Simon - I'll keep you posted (does that mean you could also provide a crew?)


Hi Tim,
Myself and Zoe are keen to sail a vintage boat (as old as possible) for the pursuit race (I heard a rumour that there would be one). We sailed Mr Jones at the 70th anniversary and had lots of fun.
So if there is a vintage boats looking for a helm and crew please put our names down
Happy varnishing

Tim Gatti

Thanks Graham
I have added you and Zoe to the list!


aka Simon Hopkins<br />3252 Silent Running<br />Ex 3230, 3413, 3470, 3236

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