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75th Anniversary Event

Started by Jane Wade, 30 May 2011, 04:25

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Jane Wade

Well done to the organisers of this event in particular Tom & Charlotte Stewart and Lesley Iles.  The weekend was great, the sun even appeared on Saturday as Tom promised, shame that was the last we saw of it!

I am not going to work out exactly how old I will be, but I should be around for the 100th!


John Meadowcroft

It's before you retire Jane!

Indeed it was fantastic.  Just need to get the boat glued back together now.

Roly Mo

Great fun even if it was a tad windy for small crew at times.  Have come home with very happy memories of a weekend spent in excellent company and of a club with a caterer who deserves a Michelin Sailing Star!  Thanks to everyone involved in putting on such a lovely birthday party,
RM and Co

Jeremy C

A fantastically entertaining weekend, thrilling sailing, superb organisation and support so thankyou  to all invloved. Would have been nice if the wind gods had dialled it down just a little bit on sunday afternoon ... the reported 50knt gust across the dam was enough to keep us all on land, not to mention the regular 30+ knt gusts which seemed to keep coming back!

Great to see such a wide range of boats out on the water... can we have a 76th next year...?!
Trick Cyclist-3444<br />In the pink-3408<br />Kifi-2431- under restoration<br />Flying Saucer 1277 (joint owner)<br />and now Bart 3455 too (sigh!)


Indeed, a job (or several jobs) very well done by lots of people. I was particularly taken with some of the stories related at the dinner about how sailing in this great class of ours changed lives.
Jane, can I take it that the 100th is a definite date and you have babysitters lined up already?

Tim Gatti

Thanks to all involved for a really great event - finally getting all the boats on the water on Monday, despite the rain, was a great relief for all of us with 'older' boats.
Congrats again to Nigel for his well-deserved success in the Pursuit Race - Ribbies Rule OK!
Looking forward to seeing you all again at the next big get-together at Brightlingsea.

Jeremy C

Trick Cyclist-3444<br />In the pink-3408<br />Kifi-2431- under restoration<br />Flying Saucer 1277 (joint owner)<br />and now Bart 3455 too (sigh!)

Tom Stewart

Thank you to all those who came and even better took part. Since you all left the area normality has returned Force 3-4 sunny, typical week day weather.
I thought the pursuit race was fantastic especially the vintage boats, they looked fantastic, I can't wait to see the pictures.

Ian Norman

Many many thanks to all who made this such a fantastic event. Great to see so many people and various boats on the water.  My thanks to Tom Stewart and Paul Turner for their help in getting "Zarniwoop" back on the water after high winds stressed her rig system on Saturday and Graham Camm and Kevan Bloor for some helpful rig / sail tuning advice.  Appreciated.

Cheers Ian, Louis & Nicole "Team Zarniwoop"
Zarniwoop - N3107

Jon M

Yes to echo all of the above, we had a great day - not very successful, but great fun all the same.
Hope to see a lot of you at Spinnaker on the 12th June.


There are some great photos from Kevan Bloor on the N12 gallery, have a look at

If you have any photos from the weekend then please feel free to upload them to the 75th Anniversary folder in the photo gallery at

Happy sailing \\ swimming

Jeremy C

mastcam video of race 3 of the event.. the poor start was on purpose.. honestly! wanted to get more boats in view!
Sorry its so shaky but it was alot windier than it looks
Trick Cyclist-3444<br />In the pink-3408<br />Kifi-2431- under restoration<br />Flying Saucer 1277 (joint owner)<br />and now Bart 3455 too (sigh!)

CRU 12

A fab weekend, despite being "blown off" the water on Sunday - honest, I would have gone out but it was a bit much for the old bateau!!!!!
really looking forward to the next anniversary event.



Thank you to all those who pitched in and made this a great event, so many people did such a lot it is impossible to name all the contributors, thank you too to our 58 entrants and all the people who came along to support the event and the dinner.  Congratulations to Ben Woodcraft (N3497) as his early  entry for Burton Week was pulled out the envelope by Tom Stewart winning him a new PnB jib and a special thank you to our sponsors Gill and Pinnell and Bax.  

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