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Shroud tracks

Started by ifoxwell, 19 Mar 2010, 09:38

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The the limiting factor is NOT necessarily the distance between the base of the mast and the turning block at the shroud plate. On my boat, N3503, there's no fordeck, just a low bow tank so I've been able to run the system forward to the stem via a turning block at the mast foot. Since the mast foot to stem dimension is bigger it gives me a bit more travel for the system. I copied the system off an old International 14. It might just be possible to see it in the photos of the boat on the database. 
The other really important factor with pulley systems is to ensure that the rope stretches as little as possible. The implication of this is obvious: don't invest in expensive ball bearing blocks and then string them together with cheap stretchy rope, particularly in the high tension parts of the system!    

John Hugo

Marcus, It would be great to see you and your shroud set-up at the Annandale N12 Open Meeting on 17 & 18 April.   There should be at least one class measurer competing, though probably not enough time to measure your boat.   (You could try contacting Brian Herring.)   
I am really most impressed by your boat.


The ropework in picture 2 looks a bit of a bu**er's muddle! I hope it is simpler than it looks.......


Sorry to dig up an old thread, but having recently bought 3453 a carbon chapter I am now in a position to answer my own question.

Shroud tracks are great! Would I spend the money if i was rigging out a new boat, possibly, possibly not... all I know is that now I have them i use them.

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