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Midland S.C. Open Meeting 8 July

Started by Red Hot Pudding, 24 Jun 2012, 09:10

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Red Hot Pudding

Two weeks to go until the the MAAT Open Meeting at Midland Sailing Club.
Based in Birmingham on Edgbaston Reservoir, the event will be run in conjunction with our Enterprise Open.
The 65 acre reservoir is full and the 'historic' Firefly Trophy, currently in the hands of Tom White, is up for grabs.
Attendance permitting, we'll have prizes for AC and Vintage boats.
We're hoping to get atleast 5 home boats on the water, so please join us and help make this joint event a success for the Midland Area 12's.
Looking forwarding to welcoming as many visitirs as possible.

Tom White (Guest)

Hey Ian, I will be returning from work for this day to support our home club :)
 see you there
 Tom White (n2765)

Red Hot Pudding

That's good news Tom,
I heard a rumour yesterday, that Woody will have his spanking Paradigm 2 (yet to be named) ready in time too. Not to mention A.B. the godfather, with a new carbon mast fitted to 3267!


Andy Mck<br />3529

paul turner

Dolly Daydream N2487 and crew intend being there to wave the vintage fleet flag!

AB with carbon mast - that's scary! Do explain to him that vintage = wooden clinker boat not age of helm! Px :K)


Paul is correct again re vintage = wooden clinker however with the possible exception of Brian Kitching most of us vintage helms could quite reasonably be termed vintage.  (sorry Paul and of course this can not be applied to our crews who are all much younger!)

Red Hot Pudding

Hi Andy, I'm sure a crew can be sorted. Tom may even be able to tempt one from Olton Mere. We'll keep you posted!

Red Hot Pudding

I think Arthur considers himself a 'veteran'.


Hi Andy, my son Jayden will crew for you we are from Midland sailing club?


Cheers Tye
Replied to your email

Andy Mck<br />3529

Red Hot Pudding

Forgot to mention, a hot and cold buffet will be available for lunch and the bar will be open. It would be good to see the 12's outnumber the Ent's this year.!

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