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Started by MikeDay, 03 Aug 2012, 03:32

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Pretty riverting stuff at Weymouth.  Ainslie goes in to the medal race on Sunday 2pts behind the Danish sailor.  Assuming he beats him by one place and with points counting double, it's a tie ... but how do they break it in the Olympics? Numbers of firsts or result in medal race?
Mike D


Result in medal races counts. You should listen to radio 5 live!
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I have been watching the Olimpics with interest and i cann't help thinking I have missed a change in the rules somewhere. Watching the way they pump the main and roll the boats about the place.....Or is that why I always come last?
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As I understand it, in the Finn class only, you can pump and ooch freely if the wind is over 10 knots. When this occurs the race management flies a special flag. If the wind drops below 10 knots this flag is lowered and rule 42 as we know it applies.


Yep it is a class rule for the Finns and also the 470s.  In the Finn medal race, they suspended the rule as the wind droped on the 2nd and 3rd laps so they were back to sailing normally.
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When I was watching the Star class final race before the Finns, I noticed the crew standing on the foredeck rocking the boat on the downwind legs. What's that doing for them?


Did anyone see the GB versus Russia match race in the Elliots today. Superb, reminded me of one of our Club races in Nat 12s! 


Has anybody been watching the syncro swimming. For some reason I didn't make the final selection, but they are good beats the sailing hands down even if the russians do win all the medals. 
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