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Loch Tummel Lairwell Event

Started by edwillett, 14 Aug 2012, 05:11

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With just over a month now to the most northerly National 12 event at Loch Tummel on 15/16 September...I would like to invite you all to come and join us for a weekend of sailing in one of the most beautiful Highland settings in Scotland. I can accommodate up to 10 and plan a grand barbeque and can guarantee hangovers if not the weather!

Jennie Clark

Sadly we can't make it - we have a Streaker and Solo Open Meeting at Ripon that weekend and we are all committed to being there for that.  Hope it goes well,
Team Roly Mo

Antony (Guest)

Sadly, but probably not surprising news to anybody, we will not be able to make it either.  Tummel is on my list of venues to sail at in 2013 though....
Ed,  can you drop me an email?  Your address does not usually show up when you post.


Sorry ED but we are on a N12 free holiday. Howard


Eeeeh Heck I wish I could get a free N12 holiday. I will be there, although I still have to find a crew.
All smoke and Mirrors. N2153, 2969, 3411


Me too...on both of those counts!


Hi Ed
We'll be coming to the Tummel opening meeting.  Looking forward to it.


Thats great news Mark! Hear Alex T will also be in attendance in we might even have more than three Twelves.....

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