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Vintage Twelve Survey - Update
« on: December 30, 2012, 09:07:15 PM »
Since the Surveys of 2007 and 2011, I have continued to log appearances of Vintage Twelves (wooden, clinker-built boats) in order to try and answer the question "How many Vintage Twelves are still around?". I am pleased to say that some old boats which have never been seen in previous surveys, continue to appear, together with some old friends briefly seen in the first survey and not subsequently. I must thank the reporting of Ed Willett, who has been reporting the appearance of boats on ebay very diligently.

I had hoped to publish this update in the autumn but a sad event interrupted this intention, but I hope to publish in the next month or so.

If any readers have boats in a shed somewhere that thay have forgotten about, you have time to let me know. Also if you know of an old Twelve that has been recently broken up, please inform me.

Ken Goddard


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