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Newer sails for an older boat
« on: March 18, 2013, 10:45:46 AM »

I am looking for a newer set of sails for my Starfish, 'Sparkle'. I am looking for a Dacron set, preferably with a loose foot. Ioccasionally sail with the CVRDA who would rightfully penalise me if I turned up with a classic N12, with a mylar main, and do not mention the 'C' word;)

The mast I have is probably the original Proctor, with a single diamond, rather than spreaders. This I also had hoped to replace with something slightly more modern, i.e. an alloy mast with spreaders. However, these seem to be in short supply.

I have recently placed a wanted add for a second hand set of dacron sails but have had no response, and I have also kept an eye on ebay. So if that option is not going to bear fruit, I can only look at the possibility of a new set. However, having seen the prices on P&B, I am a bit taken aback (approaching 3 x the price of the boat)

I was sent an email some time ago about sail maker who would do a resonable deal for sails for classic boats, typically,I cannot find the email though. Does anyone have any ideas?


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