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Is this a 12?

Started by Mike Storey, 16 May 2013, 11:51

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Mike Storey

Chris Price has posted a picture of what he thinks is a very old 12 on our Facebook page at Look in "Recent Posts by Others"
Anyone care to try and identify it?

Tim Gatti

V fine timbers spaced like an old Int 14, extremely long c board case.  Looks like the mast is stepped well forward. Beamy enough to be a Barnt Green OD as John Kilgour suggests


Fine timbers but appear to be edge to edge Tim not clinker although it is not easy to see.  Doesnt look like a Barnt Green to me or at least not like N2 that I had for a few years, my guess its some sort of one off which may have been based on 12 lines perhaps. 8)

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