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Carsington Open Meeting May 19th

Started by NTOACertification, 10 May 2013, 10:33

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Carsington Twelve Open Meeting is on Sunday 19th May, three races, two to count.  First race will not be before 11.00am.  This open is in conjunction with the Laser 3000's and Vago.

Notice of Race available via the link on the N12 home page.  Carsington Water is near Ashbourne and is a reasonable travelling distance from Staunton Harold who are holding their open on Saturday.  The Laser and Vago meeting is also taking place on Saturday and they are arranging a BBQ on Saturday night (sorry not free) and if any Twelve sailors would like to take their boats over ready for Sunday, they are welcome to take part.

It would help if you could please let us know if you will be entering for the open and an indication of anyone also wanting to take their boat to Carsington on Saturday and/or participate in the BBQ.

Kevan Bloor


Assuming that the weather is ok, we should be their with N2709 (forecast as I type is great, although over the last week the predictions for Sunday have ranged from Sunny to 30mm rain, and from 5knts to 45knts)
Jon Twite
N3162 (Baggy Trousers) "Bicycle Clips"
N2709 (Paper Dart) "Goose Hunter"

paul turner

Greetings. Dolly Daydream, Christine and I intend being there for some pre-Burton training (if not too knxxxxd after Staunton Harold tomorrow) and I believe Dave Peacock also hopes to attending too. Px


Thanks to all who organised and competed.  We had a great time, us river sailors enjoy letting our outhauls off occasionally...
If I tell you Graham and Zoe turned up, there's no need to tell you who won all three races and so the event.
N3162 (Baggy Trousers) "Bicycle Clips"
N2709 (Paper Dart) "Goose Hunter"

Red Hot Pudding

We also had a great day, Kevan and team did a fine job of getting 3 races away for us, once the breeze kicked in after lunch! Many thanks.
Ian 3316

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