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Burton Weekend 2013

Started by Chris Day, 18 Nov 2012, 07:21

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Chris Day

[face=verdana,geneva]Hi everyone,[/face]

[face=verdana,geneva]Just a quick reminder to start thinking about Burton Weekend 2013 and to book your accommodation as soon as you can.[/face]

[face=verdana,geneva]Next year’s champs will be held over 4 days at Brixham Yacht Club on the late May Bank Holiday Weekend (25th to 28th May). Brixham are well known as a successful and experienced Championship venue and everything has now been finalised with the club. Launching is easy and not affected by the tides, with a superb sailing area close to the harbour. The club are planning an exciting line up of socials for us including a boat trip around Tor Bay, and their location in the centre of town makes everything an easy walk away.[/face]

[face=verdana,geneva]There is a whole host of accommodation options around Brixham from campsites, to B&Bs and self catering flats but it's advisable to book early. The local tourist information website is a good place to start, check out:[/face]

[face=verdana,geneva]The entry form will go out in the New Year. In the meantime if you have any questions or would like any more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.[/face]

[face=verdana,geneva]Christian Day[/face]

paul turner

Greetings! We (that is Christine, me and N2403 China Doll) intend to be there - Christine has already booked our accomodation! And Capt Carbon (Brian Kitching) is also threathening to be there too! Px

John m

we booked using

they were happy to do five nights rather than book for a whole week which we thought was pretty good.  


Jane Wade

Steve Norbury mentioned a crewing job and sort of threatened to attend, but Brixham, gonna take some convincing...

sophie (Guest)

We're not only convinced but looking forward to it! Like Meds, we have accommodation booked through bluechip




Copsey Family have booked accomodation.


At this point, the Channel is a little too wide to cross on my twelve!:'(


In the end have decided to bring 'The Ginger Pudding' out to play. Hope there will be some other wooden craft to keep us company. All we need know is a bit of sun and a bit less wind and rain than last year. See you at Brixham Dare


Hi, we will be coming down on Friday evening, does anyone know how late the boat park will be open? We may not arrive until 10 Ish as we are both at work on Friday but can't keep the boat at our b&b.
Luke & Katie

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