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Ribbie on eBay

Started by edwillett, 17 Jun 2013, 09:06

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On eBay, located in Dunoon, west Scotland. I have been in touch with the owner who bought her only to get the trailer she is sitting on. He wants to find her a good home and is prepared to swap her for an inflatable yacht tender. I have asked about her identity, the name is Olivia which doesnt show up on our records. He cant find a number on the hull but has promised to dig out the sails to check what is on them. Interesting aft thwart which suggests she may have been serving time as ayacht tender or similar....

Tom Stewart

Meds was trying to flog me an inflatable tender this morning! Perhaps he is the man, he needs a bigger fleet!

Tim Gatti

A forward thwart too - plenty of seating for passengers.

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