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Redesmere SC Open 1st Sept 2013

Started by Tim Gatti, 26 Aug 2013, 02:04

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Tim Gatti

I have just heard from Brian Herring that the first race at Redesmere N12 Open this Sunday will start at 10.30am
Presumably there will be a briefing at 10'ish
The Club is planning two races before lunch and one after, so should finish reasonably early.
Any takers - besides BH and myself...?


Not sure as yet for this one I have a crew sorted (Helen) but other demands on time may mean that we just sail at Yeadon this Sunday so its only 50/50 at the moment.  I will confirm when the final decision is made.  Howard C8)

Chris Troth

I should be there all being well

tom white

Ill be there with my sister crewing, just need to find a boat as le shed is in restore time :(
tom (n2765)


Charlotte and myself will be there in Carbonara
Patrick 3502


Sad to confirm that we will be missing this year, have a great event all.  Howard C.

Tim Gatti

Thanks to all at Redesmere for running the N12 Open there yesterday.
There was wind - from a good variety of directions and at a wide range of velocities, a great lunch, good courses and endless cups of tea for those who needed it.
Patrick and Charlotte won the event with Tom White coming second in his Paradigm 'Lobster boat' (and wishing he had not waited until Race 3 to replace his winged rudder with a conventional foil!)
Brian and Ros sailed their Proctor Mk4A exceptionally well on their local water to collect both the Vintage and the Admiral's Cup trophies.

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