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Started by STU W, 13 Mar 2014, 03:55

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I spoke to Baz Edmonds of the RYA at the Dinghy Show about age related handicaps for development classes. He said the the RYA system was capable of producing these if there was sufficient data. Those of us with older boats should encourage our clubs to send electronic returns to the RYA. (The 2014 Yardstick display names those Clubs which have sent returns.)
The other thing is to race when the conditions are not ideal for your boat. You may get a poor result but this will then help increase your Yardstick.
I know of one class (NOT the N12!) which does very well in light winds and poorly in strong winds. The ownwers tend not to sail in force 4 or above. They are then surprised that their PY no reflects that classes light weather performance only.


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<font style="font-size: 8]Jonathan...the Class publishes the guidance on tiered handicaps on the web page above. You should take this to your Club committee. The RYA make it clear that they only make RECOMMENDATIONS to clubs.....and also that the clubs should develop their own handicap list to tailor for their local factors and if a handicap is deemed to be "wrong" it is for the club to analyse race data and make an adjustment if required. It therefore all comes down to individuals and the Clubs themselves. In my case at Loch Tummel SC they would not adopt the tiered handicapping system despite my attempts to persudae them that it was fair. The fact that i was beating RS200's over the water probably didnt help my cause. My current club Cramond seem much more amenable. Suggest you take it to your Club's Committee....Good Luck!


The class association list of suggested handicaps for older boats was in existence long before the fast track system of py adjustment was introduced by the RYA. If the class could suggest a PY for the early double bottomed boats without winged rudders which prospective owners could show their Clubs it might just help kick start the 2nd hand market and get some of the excellent boats currently for sale moving into new and active ownership.
Unfortunately not all clubs are confident enough or willing to play around with PYs themseles and reasoned guidance such as this would be beneficial.


I just think that an official letter from the Technical people at the class would have much more weight behind it.  They could also explain what initiatives are making the latest boats faster - initiatives that my Paper Dart will never have.
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Why not put a generic 'official letter' or explanatory document on the website, for owners to download and present to their clubs.  With a bit more detail about RYA policy and pertinant references, etc.  This could be presented in such a way to 'blow out the water' any of the usual arguments for not doing anything.....
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