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Spinnaker 12 open!

Started by felixthehousecat (Guest), 16 Mar 2014, 10:04

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felixthehousecat (Guest)

Hi All!
NOR and Sailign Instructions will be up on the spinnaker club website shortly!
The event is Sunday 20th April I'm hoping for wind and sun and no weed this year!
Just wondering how many takers we've got this year?
Purple Pants 3426

Mike Storey


Will be there with N3474.  Looking forward to Spinnaker delights, sailing with dry feet, etc.  I hear a certain multiple BW winner may be there too.  

John m

Hi Felix
We can't come which is a shame.  Hope you have a good event.
John M

Felix (Guest)

Hi Jeremy!
Glad you are going to make it!
Think we have at least 3 boats form outside coming so far!

felix (Guest)

Dear all!

Spinnaker club house is undergoing rennovation so faciliies are a little tricky and not as good as normal...

I.E. If it rains there are not many places to find cover..

We do have changing facilities..

To make up for this the club is laying on sandwiches for lunch which will be pre-ordered in the morning.

As well as an afternon tea after racing.

Let me know if you have any questions!!



see you there Felix.

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