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Cramond BC Meeting in May

Started by edwillett, 14 Apr 2014, 02:26

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The first event for the Lairwell Trophy is being held at my home club (Cramond Boat Club) on the bank holiday weekend at the end of May.
 This will be a 2-day event with 2 races planned in the afternoon of each day. Sailing will be held on a tidal area in the bay at Cramond, on the Firth of Forth; this being a very safe sailing area, bounded by the Dalmeny Estate to the south and West, and a line of WW2 anti-submarine defences and Cramond Island to the East. This gives very good sea-conditions for a N12, there being almost no swell, but with clear and steady winds from almost any direction. Being tidal, there is some tidal effect in the area, but nothing that should affect our racing (perhaps one knot of tide).
The Club has excellent facilities for dinghy sailors, having spent a considerable amount of money on these in the last 2 years. We aim to offer Soup and Rolls immediately after racing and include this in your entry-fee.
There is secure overnight storage for your boats. The website link for the club is copied below. 
Cramond Boat Club is located 6 miles from Edinburgh city centre and is based on the river Almond, in the historical village of Cramond. The area is steepd with history  with Roman and early industrial-age places of interest within walking distance of the club. see links below..
There is a social event (live music) on in the Clubhouse on the Saturday night, to which all entrants are invited. The Club bar will be open late during this.
The Club is looking forward to running this event and is putting in a huge effort to make the event happen, it being the first Open meeting they have run for years. We are wanting to showcase the National 12 to potential new owners so visitors will be made very welcome...we would really appreciate the support.
The NOR is in peparation and will be posted as soon as ready....
I can offer my spare room to the first that asks! ( I am a 5 minute walk away from the Club). I can also loan a China Doll for the weekend...again to the first that asks....
Posted below are two pictures I took at the Club looking down the River Almond from the dinghy park, with e Clubhouse on the right. The other at the mouth of the river, looking out at the sailing area.

Nigel Fordyce (Guest)

Ed. Your photographs send a shudder down my spine! When I joined Cramond B.C. in 1960 the quayside (where there is a a car) was full of Hornets and Graduates with, as I recall just a couple of Flying Fifteens and not much more in the river along with the Committee boat which I think was called the "Jeannie". Changed days. I did try to get interest in a National 12 class at Cramond but for a boat of that size the Graduate had taken hold and had quite a following locally. All the best for the meeting and I hope a few photos might be available afterwards? Nigel.


Hi Nigel
If you fancy a trip down memory lane then why not spend the bank Holiday weekend in Edinburgh and borrow my China Doll for the sailing...?

Nigel Fordyce (Guest)

A very kind offer Ed. I was in Edinburgh a few weeks ago for a business friends reunion flying up from Gatwick with a night at the Airport Hilton and I am afraid that exhausted the travel piggybank for the time being. It was a superb day with sunshine and blue skies and the tourists lining up to photograph the crocuses in Princes Street Gardens. I well remember years ago now watching the now famous Cramond Lioness being hauled out of the river in the area just down from the launching slip. No N12s in those days (Roman times for those interested) but the big guessing game was how the sculpture got into the river in the first place. My wife Sandra was a very keen member of the Edinburgh Archaeological Field Society so we tended to  be well versed in Roman goings-on at Cramond. I digress however and look forward to seeing how your meeting goes. Back around 1974 I was Race Officer at the Hornet European Championships at Cramond so I know only too well that it is not the easiest place to hold a race meeting particularly if you go for two races back to back and the wind is dropping. Great memories. If I ever won the Lottery I would be back in Edinburgh like a shot but since I have never bought a Lottery ticket I have no chance! Nigel.  

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