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Staunton Harold Saturday 17/5/14

Started by paul turner, 14 May 2014, 09:36

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paul turner


Staunton Harold is a fine pond with great facilites but they have no N12s - two friends have been running the N12 open meeting as a special favour to me for several years. However with the numbers being a bit on the low side last year and in 2012 they have expressed the strong hope that there will be a good turnout this year (for totally reasonable financial and political reasons!).

Two stalwarts of this meeting (namely me still recovering from surgery) and A N Other will not be able to sail this year so I really need to know asap who is planning to turn up and compete.

Please email and/or post. If the numbers are too low we will have to look at cancelling. :-/

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martin 1262

Paul. Would like to support but I don't have a towbar or crew which is not easy to fix quickly. Appreciate been off sailing scene a while now and would like to get a sail in, if there are boats and or crew then be happy to come out...Martin


Again not quite the post you were hoping for :-/ I can't make from the end of June I'm up for a bit of crewing :)
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paul turner

I have spoken with SHSC and they are going ahead whatever as there has been direct contact from one, possibly more, interested parties including someome from Midland. If there aren't enough boats they will incorporate the N12s into their handicap fleet so we are guaranteed several well run races on a decent pond! Px 8)


Unfortunately I cannot make it as I am sailing my British Moth that weekend.  What I can say is that we had our Nationals last year at Staunton Harold and it is a great club and a very nice piece of water.  Would be a shame if I couldn't take the N12 next year.
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Mr Big

What time is the start on Saturday.


11am according to the Staunton Harold website

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