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loan boats
« on: June 03, 2014, 10:37:52 AM »
You will all have seen the posters for the Vintage Champs at Burton SC 28/29 June and for the Four Plank Series in July and August?

For the Vintage Champs, Dave & Tricia Peacock have their names down to borrow N2487, and John Sears is sailing N2403 - as I am still not signed off for sailing this means that there are several other Vintage N12s available to lend out to competent helms wishing to partake (including Starfish and Smuggler).

Also I have a spare Cheshire Cat available for Ely, TVSC and OMSC, but (note to self) must replace tyes on trailer!
There will (hopefully) be three China Dolls at NWNW (N2620 Peacock/N2403 Sears/N2487 ME!) but if any else wants to borrow a vintage yot please let me know.

T&Cs - all boats insured by me/supplied on road trailers (but you check roadworthy)/collect and return to DE72 3AX (junction 25 M1/A52) after event/bring your own straps and lighting board/"you bend, you mend"!

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