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Who's going to the Inlands?

Started by Chris Day (Guest), 03 Sep 2014, 08:24

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Little Bo

Zone champs duty that weekend . . . flying the flag for the Tera class in the North of England.  Have fun!

AlexGore (Guest)

Ian and I are planning on being there in Mog if we have a rudder by then. We aren't camping but will have 2 small people that need to be kept an eye on whilst we are out sailing. Can any shore siders offer assistance? :)


Sadly I will not be there, I don't think there are enough brownie points in the world for 4 weekends in a row, I think I will be dodging a few hard things if I go for 3. I am also 1 short in the boat depatment at the moment.
On the brighter side i will not have to rush to renew my passport regardless of demonic rites!
All smoke and Mirrors. N2153, 2969, 3411

Chris Day

If anyone is looking for a crew, please let me know. There are some crews available at the club. Also if you're looking for a helm...

Will Mitchell

Is anyone from the north heading to the islands ? if so could you possibly bring a suit of sails north with you ?

Trick Cyclist

We're planning on being there with TC.
Jeremy & George


Although there was not much wind still enjoyed the weekend away. However in rushing for the ferry left my sailing bag behind. Did any kind sole pick it up. Thanks Dare 01983 529901


Congratulations to Graham and Zoe - 2014 Inland champions

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